black canyon : Emma,Mikey ,Cameron.

black canyon is big and sandy in the summer in the winter its cold wet and snowy
At the bottom of the canyon rolls the Gunnison River. The black canyon has been there for over 2 million years. The black canyon is 53 miles long and 2000 feet deep. The canyon is 1730 to 2700 in rang .it’s narrowed of 1300 feet

The Black canyon of the Gunnison was formed by a volcanic eruption that happened
About 2 billion years ago , A Precambrian rock was lowered into the ground by gravity and sedimentary rock slowly deposited on the rock and started to form the canyon and soon it started to make metamorphic rock. About a thousand years later igneous rock [magma] started to intrude into the schist and gneiss , melting and tugging on them as it flowed through the metamorphic rock .As it cooled down, the magma made new land. Finally, the Precambrian rock was uplifted