the grand mesa by hunter brost and lianah starr
The Grand Mesa was once the favored hunting ground for the Ute Indians they called the Grand Gesa Thigunawat, the home of the departed spirits. The Grand Mesas elevation is over 10,000 feet high and has over 300 lakes. Also the destructive forces are amazing with the magma that brock down the Grand Mesa also the magma build and destroyed the monument.

a veiw of the grand mesa with book cliffs visable on the left
How constructive forces formed the grand mesa
The grand mesa was formed by many things these are just a few. The top of the grand mesa was formed by basalt flows 10 million years ago. Basalt is igneous rock. It is formed by cooling magma. The top layer rests on an unnamed formation, thick layer of shale, and sandstone. The shale is sedimentary and is known as the green river formation. The sand stone is also sedimentary, only known as the Wasatch formations. The shale and sand stone layers have slow erosion compered surrounding sedimentary layers like the price river formation. That’s how constructive forces formed the grand mesa.

How destructive forces formed the grand mesa
The down flow of rivers, streams, or any kind of water for that matter. The rivers/streams break down the rock, dirt and other losses matter in the Mesa.
a veiw from the grand mesa of the book cliffs
Also the magma that was on the Grand Mesa a very long time ago also destrouies the Grand Mesa. Also the weather makes the Grand Mesa smaller from the rain, wind, and other things that can move/ throw things around.