Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Black canyon has a thin and shallow river
Looking down the Black Canyon feeling as if I’m going to fall. The Black Canyon is about 2,722 feet deep at Warner’s point. The deepest point that people have gone is 1,500 feet deep. The Canyon is just a few miles away from Montrose, Colorado. The Black Canyon is made up of several different ecosystems for example the canyon is made up of pinyon pine, Juniper trees, and Shrub oak forests. The Black canyon is made up of mostly metamorphic rocks, they are made up of different materials that were heated and pressed together. The Black canyon was formed by a slow, but continuous on unyielding process of erosion.
The black canyon of the gunnison is a 2,722 feet deep canyon

Black Canyon

In case you didn’t know destructive forces are erosion, and weathering. Erosion and weathering are things that change the formation of the black canyon the over periods of time. One destructive force is erosion that happens in the black canyon. Black canyon was made by erosion because if it didn’t erode it would just be one big flat surface. Weathering is also a big part of the black canyon, because it moves rock. There not many destructive forces in the black canyon. black_canyon_PIC_2_smf.jpg