Black canyon of the Gunnison

Here are some facts about the Black canyon of the GunnisonOne fact about the black canyon is that it is about 1,500 feet deep. Another fact about the black canyon of the Gunnison is that its steepest point is 2,722 feet deep. The black canyon of the Gunnison is south of where we live in Colorado. But it is still in Colorado now days.


The black canyon is getting destroyed by the Gunnison River. The Black Canyon is slowly getting carved by the Gunnison. The river is carving deeper and deeper every year. What the water does is the rock gets hit so hard that it chips the rock to make a smaller rock.

The black canyon has been formed over millions of years by constructive forces in to a work of art and beauty. The black canyon is 15 miles long, made of many types of rock these type of rock are: platy schist, coarse granite, and gray quartz monzonite which all make the black

Ingénues rock


Heat and pressure


Canyon in constructive ways. The black canyon has been constructed over many years by volcanic flows making layers, making the black canyon. That is how the black cayon was made here is a video!!!! (click on it)