The mesa is mostly shale and Sedimentary rock but has a basalt(volcanic) layer . Sedimentary rock is smaller rocks smushed together. Basalt (volcanic) rock is magma hardened and cooled. It is called igneous rock it is very hard. It is the highest around at 9,920 feet more than at dead end road a mile above the grand valley and it over 50 square miles around Some of the attractions are snowmobiling ,snowshoeing, and ice fishing in the winter in the summer it is fishing, hiking, boating, and climbing

mesa1.pngThe Grand mesa had slowed erosion that millions of years ago. It compared to layers of sedimentary that suffered rapid downcutting from the Colorado & Gunnison Rivers. At one point in time, a glacier moved over the grand mesa and created some of its features. For example, small rivers ,valleys and caves. Since the lower layers are weaker, so they erode easily.