Grand ValleyBy: Lexi P. Kenzie B. Andrew H.
The Grand Valley is broad and open. It is full of a mud called Mancos Shale; the mud is a rock and helps form the Grand Valley. The Grand Valley has wonderful wildlife, and the Grand Valley rocks are so cool and neat you will want to go keep some and pick the flowers. You should go visit the Grand Valley!!!

The green part is the lower part of the valley

The grand valley was all under water. The floor of the grand valley was called the Mancos Sea. It deposited 1,200 meters of sediment on all sides of us. The Colorado and the Gunnison rivers are all ways eroding most of the grand valley is Mancos shale.
When we were covered with water it was muddy and when the water that was here it actually formed the grand valleys shape and that’s why the grand valley is where it is now thanks to the water we have the grand valley.

The Grand Valley is constantly being changed and formed by the two rivers. The two rivers that form and shape are the Colorado River are the Gunnison .The Grand Valley is a broad open area between the Uncompahgre and Book cliffs. The Grand Valley used to be under water. The Mancos sea deposited 1200 meters of sediment.