The Grand Valley

PICS.jpgThe Grand Mesa towers over the sides of the Grand Valley. The Grand Valley is surrounded by the Book Cliffs, Uncompahgre, Grand Mesa, and Monument. Many years before the Western Interior Seaway covered the valley forming a grand valley by its constructive and destructive forces. The Grand Valley is home to Grand Junction, a halfway point between Salt Lake City and Denver.

This is how the grand valley has been construction over time. The grand valley used to be under water by the western interior sea way when the water evaporated to the sea floor deposited sand and red rock.

This is information about how the Grand valley has been destructed over time. The Western Interior Seaway deposited Mancos shale; this has been weathered away by water. The terrain eroded away by the Colorado River and the Gunnison River and that created Grand Valley. This is how the Grand valley was destructed over time and is today.